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Shadow in Chinese / Japanese...

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Shadow Scroll

影 means shadow in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

Depending on context, this can also mean silhouette, reflection, image, or presence.

Shadow Warrior

yīng wǔ zhǔ
Shadow Warrior Scroll

影武者 is the title for Shadow Warrior in Chinese and Japanese.

This may refer to a few video games that share this English title, or a Japanese moved called Kagemusha.

If you are looking for the Japanese TV show, that was originally 影の軍団 (Kage no Gundan) which more literally means "Army of Shadows", but was re-titled Shadow Warrior when released outside Japan in English.

In Japan, this title can also refer to a body double or decoy of an army general or leader used to avoid assassination. It can also be somebody who does all the work (or fighting) behind the scenes (not getting much if any credit).

Shadow Warrior

Keiko / Shadow / Reflection

yǐng zi
Keiko / Shadow / Reflection Scroll

影子 means shadow or reflection.

影子 is a common female given name in Japanese where it's romanized as Keiko or Kēko.

Alone with only your shadow for company

qióng qióng jié lì xíng yǐng xiāng diào
Alone with only your shadow for company Scroll

煢煢孑立形影相吊 is a Chinese proverb about the state of being as alone as you possibly can be.

It can be translated as, "Alone with only your shadow for comfort/company".

See Also:  I Miss You

Shadow of Karma / Dogged by Karma

yè yǐng
gou you
Shadow of Karma / Dogged by Karma Scroll

業影 is a Buddhist title that literally means "Karma Shadow".

It figuratively means karma dogging one's steps like a shadow.

It's similar to the western idea of, "karma is a bitch".

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Shadowkageyǐng / ying3 / ying
Shadow Warrior影武者kagemushayīng wǔ zhǔ
ying1 wu3 zhu3
ying wu zhu
ying wu chu
影子keikoyǐng zi / ying3 zi5 / ying zi / yingziying tzu / yingtzu
Alone with only your shadow for company煢煢孑立形影相吊
qióng qióng jié lì xíng yǐng xiāng diào
qiong2 qiong2 jie2 li4 xing2 ying3 xiang1 diao4
qiong qiong jie li xing ying xiang diao
ch`iung ch`iung chieh li hsing ying hsiang tiao
chiung chiung chieh li hsing ying hsiang tiao
Shadow of Karma
Dogged by Karma
gou you / gouyou / go yo / goyoyè yǐng / ye4 ying3 / ye ying / yeyingyeh ying / yehying
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
yǐng / ying3
 yō / かげ
Shadow of Karma / Dogged by Karma Scroll
picture; image; film; movie; photograph; reflection; shadow; trace
(1) shadow; silhouette; figure; shape; (2) reflection; image; (3) ominous sign; (4) light (stars, moon); (5) trace; shadow (of one's former self); (surname) Kage
Shadow, picture, image, reflection, hint; one of the twelve 'colours'; shadow


see styles
yǐng zi / ying3 zi5
ying tzu
 keiko / keko / けいこ
Shadow of Karma / Dogged by Karma Scroll
shadow; reflection; (fig.) hint; indication; influence; CL:個|个[ge4]
(female given name) Keiko



see styles
yè yǐng / ye4 ying3
yeh ying
Shadow of Karma / Dogged by Karma Scroll
Karma-shadow, karma dogging one's steps like a shadow; karmic shadow

see styles
tán / tan2
t`an / tan
 don / くもり
dark clouds
cloudiness; cloudy weather; shadow; (surname) Kumori
Clouds covering the sun, spreading clouds; translit. dh in dharma 曇摩, 曇磨, 曇無; v. 達 and 法. Dharma is also the initial character for a number of names of noted Indian monks, e.g. 曇磨毱多; 達摩瞿諦; 曇無德 Dharmagupta, founder of a school, the 曇無德部 which flourished in Ceylon A.D 400. Also Dharmajātayaśas, Dharmakāla, Dharmākara, Dharmamitra, Dharmanandi, Dharmapriya, Dharmarakṣa, Dharmaruci, Dharmasatva, Dharmayaśas, etc.

see styles
/ yi4
 ei / さしば
feather screen; to screen; to shade; cataract
(kana only) dimness (of sight); (1) shade; shadow; (2) other side; back; background; large fan-shaped object held by an attendant and used to conceal the face of a noble, etc.
A film; screen; fan; hide, invisible; translit. e, a; partially blind

see styles
cài / cai4
ts`ai / tsai
 sai / はなこ
surname Cai
(female given name) Hanako
chāyā, a shadow, reflection; gnomon, dial; a tortoise used in divination

see styles
yìn / yin4
 kage / かげ
(1) shade; shadow; (2) other side; back; background; (surname) Kage

see styles
ē / e1
 a / ほど
(1) corner; nook; recess; (2) a shadow; a shade; (surname) Hodo
M077477 羅陀補羅 Anurādhapura, a northern city of Ceylon, at which tradition says Buddhism was introduced into the island; cf. Abhayagiri, 阿跋.; M077477 樓馱 v. 阿那律Aniruddha.; a or ā, अ, आ. It is the first letter of the Sanskrit Siddham alphabet, and is also translit. by 曷, 遏, 安, 頞, 韻, 噁, etc. From it are supposed to be born all the other letters, and it is the first sound uttered by the human mouth. It has therefore numerous mystical indications. Being also a negation it symbolizes the unproduced, the impermanent, the immaterial; but it is employed in many ways indicative of the positive. Amongst other uses it indicates Amitābha, from the first syllable in that name. It is much in use for esoteric purposes; short Sanskrit a and the long Sanskrit ā

see styles
wēi / wei1
 kumazaki / くまざき
bay; cove
(1) corner; nook; recess; (2) a shadow; a shade; (surname) Kumazaki


see styles
 hitokage / ひとかげ    jinei / jine / じんえい (1) figure of a person; figures of people; (2) shadow of a person


see styles
fó yǐng / fo2 ying3
fo ying
buddhachāyā; the shadow of Buddha, formerly exhibited in various places in India, visible only to those "of pure mind"; (Skt. buddhachāyā);


see styles
guāng yǐng / guang1 ying3
kuang ying
light and shadow; sunlight and shade


see styles
quán yǐng / quan2 ying3
ch`üan ying / chüan ying
total shadow; umbra


see styles
liù yù / liu4 yu4
liu yü
 rokuyu / ろくゆ
(personal name) Rokuyu
The six illustrations of unreality Diamond Sutra: a dream, a phantasm, a bubble, a shadow, dew, and lightning. Also 六如; six metaphors


see styles
liù rú / liu4 ru2
liu ju
The six 'likes' or comparisons, like a dream, a phantasm, a bubble, a shadow, dew, and lightning, v. 六喩; six metaphors



see styles
sì mǎ / si4 ma3
ssu ma
Four kinds of horses, likened to four classes of monks: those that respond to the shadow of the whip, its lightest touch, its mild application, and those who need the spur to bite the bone; four horses


see styles
rú yǐng / ru2 ying3
ju ying
like a shadow; like a shadow



see styles
cùn yīn / cun4 yin1
ts`un yin / tsun yin
 sunin / すんいん
a very brief period of time (lit. the time it takes for a shadow to move an inch)
(usu. in 寸陰を惜しむ) moment; short time


see styles
 bikou / biko / びこう (noun/participle) shadow; tail; following


see styles
 keiei / kee / けいえい the form and its shadow; things inseparable


see styles
yǐng shì / ying3 shi4
ying shih
Shadow things, i.e. all things are mere shadows; shadow phenomena



see styles
yǐng r / ying3 r5
ying r



see styles
yǐng xiàn / ying3 xian4
ying hsien
The epiphany of the shadow, i.e. the temporal Buddha; manifest form


see styles
 kagee / かげえ shadow picture; silhouette; shadowgraph


see styles
 kagee / かげえ shadow picture; silhouette; shadowgraph



see styles
yǐng hù / ying3 hu4
ying hu
Like a shadow-guardian, always following like a shadow the substance; shadow-guardian



see styles
yǐng xiǎng / ying3 xiang3
ying hsiang
 eikyou / ekyo / えいきょう
influence; effect; to influence; to affect (usually adversely); to disturb; CL:股[gu3]
(1) influence; effect; (noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru) (2) to influence; to affect; to have an influence on; to impact; to have an effect on
Shadow and echo; shadows and echoes


see styles
shǒu yǐng / shou3 ying3
shou ying
hand shadow drama


see styles
 shaei / shae / しゃえい slanted or oblique shadow


see styles
 hikage / ひかげ (1) shade; shadow; (2) sunshine; (place-name, surname) Hikage

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