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gou juu ryuu
Goju Ryu Scroll

剛柔流 is the title of the Goju-Ryu or Gōjū-Ryū school / style of Karate / Japanese martial arts.

Kanzen Goju-Ryu

kan zen gou juu ryuu
Kanzen Goju-Ryu Scroll

完全剛柔流 is the title of the "Kanzen Goju-Ryu" or "Kanzen Gōjū-Ryū" school of Japanese martial arts.

完全 or Kanzen means complete, whole, total, or entire.

Goju Ryu Karate-Do

gou juu ryuu kara te dou
Goju Ryu Karate-Do Scroll

剛柔流空手道 is the title of the Goju-Ryu Karate-Do school of martial arts.

sān zhàn
san sen
Sanchin Scroll

This title literally means, "three battles/conflicts/wars".

三戦 is often figuratively used to relay the idea of a battle to unify the mind, body, and spirit.

Original usage likely comes from Fujian province in Southern China (just across from Taiwan).

This title is used in various schools such as Okinawan Karate, Uechi-Ryū, Gōjū-Ryū, Fujian White Crane, and Five Ancestors among others.

sai fa
Saifa Scroll

砕破 is the title "Saifa" written in Japanese Kanji. This literally means "smash and tear". Like most styles of martial arts, Saifa has origins in China. It was Higashionna that brought Saifa to Okinawa.

Saifa is generally associated with Gōjū-ryū as a title for a kata.

Notes: While Saifa is often written as 砕破, it can also be written 碎破 (just a variation on the first Kanji). Sometimes written in Japanese Katakana as サイハ.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
hé shí
    he2 shi2
ho shih
Saifa Scroll
to put one's palms together (in prayer or greeting)
合爪; 合掌 To bring the ten fingers or two palms together; a monk's salutation; to make salutation with the two palms together


see styles
wǔ zhù
    wu3 zhu4
wu chu
five entrenchments of affliction


see styles
wǔ shòu
    wu3 shou4
wu shou
The five vedanas, or sensations; i. e. of sorrow, ofjoy; of pain, of pleasure; of freedom from them all; the first two are limited to mental emotions, the two next are of the senses, and the fifth of both; v. 唯識論 5; five sensations


see styles
 itsue; gojuu / itsue; goju
    いつえ; ごじゅう
five-storied; quintuplicate; fivefold; (personal name) Itsue


see styles
 goujuu / goju
(noun - becomes adjective with の) hardness and softness



see styles
hòu shòu
    hou4 shou4
hou shou
to receive later



see styles
héng zhù
    heng2 zhu4
heng chu
perpetual abodes


see styles
 gojuu / goju
(given name) Gojuu



see styles
yè shòu
    ye4 shou4
yeh shou
That which is received as the result of former karmic conduct, e.g. long or short life, etc; reception of karma



see styles
yè shòu
    ye4 shou4
yeh shou
Life, long or short, as determined by previous karma; length of life as determined by karma



see styles
wǔ shí è
    wu3 shi2 e4
wu shih o
 gojū aku
fifty evils



see styles
wǔ shí suì
    wu3 shi2 sui4
wu shih sui
 gojū sai
fifty years (old)


see styles
wǔ shí fǎ
    wu3 shi2 fa3
wu shih fa
 gojū hō
Fifty modes of meditation mentioned in the 大品般若; i. e. the 三十七品 bodhi paksika dharma, the 三三昧, four 禪, four 無量心, four 無色定, eight 背捨, eight 勝處, nine 次第定, and eleven 切處; fifty methods



see styles
wǔ zhòng yún
    wu3 zhong4 yun2
wu chung yün
 gojū no kumo
The five banks of clouds or obstructions for a woman, see 五障; five layers of clouds



see styles
liù héng zhù
    liu4 heng2 zhu4
liu heng chu
 roku gōjū
six perpetual abodes


see styles
 goujuuryuu / gojuryu
Saifa Scroll
(o) Goju-ryu (karate school)



see styles
zèng wǔ chóng
    zeng4 wu3 chong2
tseng wu ch`ung
    tseng wu chung
 sō gojū
A service of the Pure-land sect, consisting of five esoteric rituals, for admitting the deceased into the lineage of the Buddha to ensure his welfare in the next life; giving in five stages



see styles
wǔ zhù fán nǎo
    wu3 zhu4 fan2 nao3
wu chu fan nao
 gojū bonnō
five entrenched afflictions


see styles
wǔ shí gōng dé
    wu3 shi2 gong1 de2
wu shih kung te
 gojū kudoku
fifty meritorious virtues


see styles
wǔ shí tiān gōng
    wu3 shi2 tian1 gong1
wu shih t`ien kung
    wu shih tien kung
 gojū tenku
The fifty (or fify-two) objects of worship for suppressing demons and pestilences, and producing peace, good harvests, etc.; the lists differ; fifty heavenly offerings


see styles
wǔ shí zì mǔ
    wu3 shi2 zi4 mu3
wu shih tzu mu
 gojū jimo
Sanskrit alphabet in fifty letters



see styles
wǔ shí zì mén
    wu3 shi2 zi4 men2
wu shih tzu men
 gojū jimon
The Sanskrit alphabet given as of fifty letters; Siddhaṃ alphabet in fifty letters


see styles
wǔ shí xiǎo jié
    wu3 shi2 xiao3 jie2
wu shih hsiao chieh
 gojū shōkō
The fifty minor kalpas which, in the 涌出 chapter of the Lotus, are supernaturally made to seem as but half a day; fifty minor eons



see styles
wǔ shí zhǎn zhuǎn
    wu3 shi2 zhan3 zhuan3
wu shih chan chuan
 gojū tenden
The fiftieth turn, i. e. the great-ness of the bliss of one who hears the Lotus Sutra even at fiftieth hand: how much greater that of him who hears at first hamd ! 五十功德 idem 五十展轉 and 五十轉五十惡 The fifty evils produced by the five skandhas, i. e. 色 seventeen, 受 eight, 想 eight, 行 nine, 識 eight; fiftieth time around


see styles
wǔ zhòng shì jiè
    wu3 zhong4 shi4 jie4
wu chung shih chieh
 gojū sekai
The five graduated series of universes: (1) 三千大千世界 tri-sahasra-mahā-sahasra-loka-dhātu; a universe, or chiliocosm; (2) such chiliocosms, numerous as the sands of Ganges, form one Buddha-universe; (3) an aggregation of these forms a Buddha-universe ocean; (4) an aggregation of these latter forms a Buddha-realm seed; (5) an infinite aggregation of these seeds forms a great Buddha-universe, 智度論 50. Another division is (1) a world, or universe; (2) a Buddha-nature universe, with a different interpretation; and the remaining three areas above, the sea, the seed, and the whole Buddha-universe.



see styles
wǔ zhòng wéi shì
    wu3 zhong4 wei2 shi4
wu chung wei shih
 gojū yuishiki
five-fold consciousness-only



see styles
wǔ chóng xuán yì
    wu3 chong2 xuan2 yi4
wu ch`ung hsüan i
    wu chung hsüan i
 gojū gengi
five categories of profound meaning



see styles
wéi shì wǔ zhòng
    wei2 shi4 wu3 zhong4
wei shih wu chung
 yuishiki gojū
fivefold consciousness-only



see styles
èr bǎi wǔ shí suì
    er4 bai3 wu3 shi2 sui4
erh pai wu shih sui
 nihyaku gojū sai
250 years



see styles
shì shī fǎ wǔ shí sòng
    shi4 shi1 fa3 wu3 shi2 song4
shih shih fa wu shih sung
 Jishi hō gojū ju
Fifty Verses on the Teacher

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Goju Ryu剛柔流
gou juu ryuu
go ju ryu
Kanzen Goju-Ryu完全剛柔流
kan zen gou juu ryuu
kan zen go ju ryu
Goju Ryu Karate-Do剛柔流空手道
gou juu ryuu kara te dou
go ju ryu kara te do
Sanchin三戦san sen / sansensān zhàn / san1 zhan4 / san zhan / sanzhansan chan / sanchan
Saifa砕破sai fa / saifa
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Saifa Scroll
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